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Check out the new page on Backflow Prevention and Testing. Are you having your backflow tested? If not you could be putting you and your family as well as your neighbors around you at risk.

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Reitzel Irrigation, LLC is pleased to announce we are now a RainBird 100% Select Contractor! This is one of the highest achievements awarded to an Irrigation Contractor by RainBird.

By choosing a Rain Bird Select Contractor, you can count on receiving the highest level of care and attention to your specific irrigation & sprinkler system needs, a water-efficient design, and where applicable, a high quality installation of Rain Bird Series products. Together, these will make the difference between a reliable sprinkler system that will keep your grass green in the heat of the summer... and one that won't.

Each Rain Bird Select Sprinkler Contractor has been in business at least three (3) years... and specializes in the installation and maintenance of quality residential and commercial irrigation/sprinkler systems and is committed to providing you with the best value in sprinkler systems available anywhere today.

CMUD has released forms to enroll customers with a separate irrigation meter and a smart irrigation system to now save money on their water bills by capping their usage rate in the tier at Tier 3. Your irrigation system will have to be audited each year along with a backflow test to stay in the program. Your system must be audited by a NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor and backflow tested by a CMUD Certified Backflow Tester. Fill out the application below prior to the initial audit. We can submit the paperwork for you if you would like when we submit the annual backflow test. We can also assist in completing the application.


July is Smart Irrigation Month. Anybody can afford some flavor of Smart Technology. Reitzel Irrigation offers many packages that feature water savings technologies. Also if you live of North Carolina, as most of our customers do, all new installations performed by Licensed Irrigation Contractors are required to have some type of rain sensor that is capable of suspending watering when it is raining or has just rained.

All basic irrigation packages installed by Reitzel Irrigation will now include either a Wired or Wireless RainBird Rain Sensor. Our Smart Irrigation packages surpass this requirement with fully automatic watering and its own weather station that will even tell you the temperature.

Our Smart Irrigation packages can be either all inclusive or selective, depending on your price range. The all-inclusive option includes the RainBird ESP-SMT Controller and Pressure Compensated and Check Valve equipped spray/rotor heads. This can be customized to only include the controller or to only include the heads. For maximum water efficiency and coverage, we recommend the installation of both the Controller and Heads.

Smart Irrigation! Go green and save green! By spending the money to upgrade to a smart irrigation system, you can save that money on your water bill and help the Earth while you’re at it. At Reitzel Irrigation, we are licensed, insured, and bonded; so you can be confident in us to upgrade your existing system to a "Smart" system with the up most professionalism.   We proudly install RainBird smart technology products.  Contact us today about installing or upgrading to a “Smart” irrigation system.  You have a “Smart” phone, why not a “Smart” irrigation system?

Water Conservation Tips from RainBird

Brochure on the Comparison of PRS and Non-PRS RainBird Heads

RainBird ESP-SMT WaterSense Certification

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